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Big Girls Do Cry

While sitting in Panera Bread after school with my daughter, she asked me if I ever cry. I told her the truth, yes. She then asked me when was the last time I cried. I had to think. I wanted to be very accurate and to answer meaningfully. So I asked her, what type of cry? We all know that there are various reasons to cry.

As I told her of the last two occasions that I cried, she just stared at me, Of course, she wanted to know the juicy details of each reason. She’s a nosey little thing. I only gave her what she needed to know. Yes, your mother does cry.

I realized the disservice that being “strong” has been to my daughter. She views me as being strong because “I don’t cry.”. Well, at least not in front of her. I have worked hard to keep my emotions in control. In fact, I have tried to instill that same practice in her. Thankfully, she is her own person.

We do have a date planned. We’ll watch a real tearjerker together and cry our eyes out. She deserves to see her mother cry. Even if it’s once.

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