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New Year, New Growth

As I sat in the salon chair, my stylist lifts up a piece of my hair and tells me in Spanish that my hair has broken off a bit. I look at her confused. She’s been doing my hair for over 2 years now and has seen the drastic transformation of my hair conditions.

Between 2017 and 2019, I began to experience hair loss and I would continually get bald spots in my hair. At first, I was thinking that it could be due to my medications or some other illness. I went to my primary doctor, spoke to my oncologist and then to my dermatologist. There were no underlying causes for this hair loss. They all suggested stress. Of course, I denied stress. Acknowledging stress, would have forced me to accept what was wrong. This behavior caused even more self-inflicted stress.

So, when she pointed out that my hair was broken off, I asked if she didn’t remember that the hair she was showing me was previously the location of my very last bald spot that she identified in January 2019. See, the year has gone by and she has not had to point out yet another bald spot. So, she forgot about my bald spots and didn’t realize that we should be thankful and not worried about the “broken off hair”.

This exchange caused me to reflect. What looks broken can actually be growth. Let that sink in. We spend a lot of time identifying our brokenness…ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GROWTH.

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