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Thanks & Giving

I asked God through tears, why did he make me the way that he did. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be someone else and it was all God’s fault. I mean, he is the creator of all things. In my moment of ungratefulness, I forgot that I am not living this life to represent myself.

I expect so much from God, who gave his son to save me. To be honest, if I had to give my child’s life to save anyone, they wouldn’t be able to ask me for anything else…EVER. Well, I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t even get that far because nothing is worth that type of sacrifice. The fact that God, himself, who doesn’t need me for anything, thought that I was worth that much to save is sometimes mind boggling.

Thank you God for giving me the comfort of knowing that everything that I thought went wrong, actually went right.

Thank you for the spirit of discernment that has protected me.

Thank you for allowing me not to be spent and still having much left to give.

Most importantly, through my cold and broken hallelujahs, you allowed me to still see your goodness.

Thank you.

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