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Late Nights, Ornaments, Carols and Dirty John

This past weekend I binge watched “Dirty John”. It’s a television show that premiered on Bravo in late 2018. It is currently on Netflix. I hadn’t heard of a “Dirty John” until I was up late customizing Christmas ornaments over the weekend. In my post-binge obsessive behavior, I discovered that there will be a season 2 slated to air in 2020 via the USA Network.

Post-binge obsessive behavior (PBOB) is when after watching a show or movie, you go online to find out more information about the the show/movie or it’s characters. You need to binge more, however, you didn’t pace yourself correctly and now you’re left wanting more.

“Dirty John” is a true story based on the life/cons of John Meehan. As I watched the show, humming Christmas carols and wasting glitter all over my bed, I related to pretty much every aspect of the story. It captured my attention because the story of “Dirty John” was literally my life and I was Debra Newell.

There were key signs and behaviors that Debra ignored, excused and justified. She dismissed the concerns of her closest family members and friends. She was caught up in the rapture of love. She allowed everything to move quickly. Why not? John was perfect, right? Even after all of the signs, erratic behavior and proof, Debra could not cut things off with John.

I don’t want to spoil the series if you’d like to watch it. So, I’ll shut up now. If you want to skip the show and just read about the case, click the link below.


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