I Should Have Listened To My Younger Self

I thought that with age and experience came wisdom. When I converse with my 14 year old daughter, I’m always shook by her insight. At times, I truly believe that she has more sense than me. When she was 8, she had a crush on someone. I had to listen to a “crush” story every single day! Then one day, she gets in the car and the crush is over. Naturally, I ask what happened. I’m thinking the worse. Like, he possibly did or said something mean to her and I was prepared to hit a quick u-turn. Apparently, he said that he doesn’t wear his seat belt. Yep, his seat belt. She realized from that very statement that she could not have a crush on him any longer. All feelings immediately vanquished. I continued our daily routine for a few weeks and I’d ask how the “crush” was and she’d act as though she was never crushing on him.

There are many situations in my life that if I had listened to my younger self, I could have avoided problematic outcomes. The only problem is that my younger self was very shallow, less understanding and unforgiving. Who I am now would probably not take advice from who I was then. I’ve lived long enough to know that what looks good on the outside, may not be a true reflection of the inside. Being understanding and forgiving is detrimental to your health.

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