Bringing Home the Bacon & Eating It At Home

I woke up 45 minutes early this morning. Naturally, I rolled over shut my eyes really tight and hoped for more sleep. Sleep never showed back up. I jumped out of bed, ran into the kitchen and put bacon in the oven. I’m not sure why. However, it’s Monday and bacon really makes me happy. I then returned to my room, washed up and got dressed. I had tons of time on my hand. So, I used this extra time to make myself a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Yum! I saved $7.58 by doing this. Yay! Typically, I pick up a breakfast sandwich from an eatery near the school at least 3 times per week. Not smart. The pack of bacon cost $4.50, the cheese was $2.50, the eggs were $1.65 and the bread was $1.99.

Nothing more glorious than the sight of crispy bacon.

I can make at least 6 sandwiches with that bacon. For $10.64, I can eat breakfast for the entire week, including Saturday.

Let’s just say that I won’t be stopping at my breakfast spot any longer. It’s quick and convenient…yet, it encourages my laziness and need for instant gratification.

Sigh. It’s better to eat at home. My sandwich tastes better anyway.

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